Even though many NFT-related projects may create irrational hype and excitement, momentum circling Kripto Galaxy Battle’s NFT collection is off the charts. Not only crypto enthusiasts but plenty of internationally non-crypto communities are getting involved in this hot trend. Many different NFT projects have proven to be flourishing in recent months. CryptoPunks is the most noticeable name among them, as it ranks #1 of all time with more than 1,200 billion dollars in trading volume. Art Blocks isn’t far behind, with over 840 billion dollars in total revenue. …

Date: 17th of September

Host: Celine Tran


  • Mr. Nguyen Vu Son, Founder, CEO at Cyforce Game Studio, Co-founder, CEO Kripto Galaxy Battle
  • Su Nguyen — CBO Kripto Galaxy Battle

To provide our Starlords with more insights to get ready for a new gaming experience, we have hosted an AMA session to catch up with the astonishing hype for KRIPTO GALAXY BATTLE — one of the most anticipated games in late 2021.


Celine Tran: First of all I would like to invite our speakers to introduce a little bit about themselves so Kardians can get to know more about Kripto…

We are thrilled to announce that VNDC Ventures is adding Kripto Galaxy Battle — a promisingly KardiaChain-powered gamefi project into its investment portfolio.

Throughout the year 2021, Play-to-Earn model has been a viral discussing topic all over crypto forums and fan pages and became an essential element in contributing to the recent bull run. Having said that, gamefi projects highlighting play-to-earn are within sight of many financial institutions. Diversification and Elevation are two key criterias in selecting potential partners. VNDC Ventures considers Kripto Galaxy Battle as one of the few names to collaborate with for their high-level expertise from Cyforce…

We are thrilled to announce that exclusive Kripto Galaxy Battle’s NFTs will be available via BecoSwap! Our team’s purpose with this public sale event is to reward our early supporters a privileged opportunity to purchase in-game NFTs that will enhance their experience in the forthcoming KardiaChain-based game, and specifically to grow their values within the KABA ecosystem.

When joining in the journey to the galaxy, it’s critical that you own all the assets as well as powerful tools to get the best achievements. With the Robots — the primary NFT assets in the KABA universe — you will own the…

We are proud to announce that Kripto Galaxy Battle — the first-ever NFT Idle game on KardiaChain has completed its private investment. KGB is developed by the innovative Vietnamese game studio CyForce. The project is currently supported by KardiaChain Pioneer Program’s runner-up BecoSwap and reputable backer Kardia Ventures. Kripto Galaxy Battle is aiming to be the #1 NFT Masterpiece on KardiaChain!

To create the fully-supported playground for the KABA lovers, Kripto Galaxy Battle is officially launching its Telegram Community via link: https://t.me/kriptogalaxybattle.

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with OdinDAO! BecoSwap has integrated their first product KNS (KardiaChain name service) and will be working with OdinDao to explore various synergies between us as NFT trend is booming!

What’s the deal?

  • With KNS, long-ass KAI wallet address will be replaced with a domain name as simple as [YourName].kai
  • Initial sales of domain names which are in form of NFTs will be facilitated on Becoswap’s NFT marketplace platform

Through this collaboration, the first time any KNS domain is to be registered, it will be put up for an auction, so everyone has a fair chance of getting…

Starlords, we are here to announce that at 06 AM UTC today September 3rd 2021, VNDC wallet officially listed Kripto Galaxy Battle token ($KABA) — the Play-to-earn Idle Game incubated by BecoSwap and Cyforce Game Studio.

Once KABA is listed, users can perform multiple features including:

  • Off-chain transaction: Send and Receive $KABA with other users within the VNDC platform.
  • On-chain transaction: Receive $KABA from another platform (as KABA is the KRC20 token of KardiaChain network). The on-chain transferring feature will be available after 06 AM UTC on September 4th, 2021 (24 hours after $KABA is listed).
  • P2P transaction: Buy and…

Welcome to the sci-fi game — Kripto Galaxy Battle, where you will get paid for each minute spent playing! The game is a Play-to-earn game built on the blockchain platform of #KardianChain by Cyforce Game Studio & BecoSwap.


In the future, due to the lack of resources on earth, humans will conduct exploration of the universe in search of Gems containing great energy and high value. Robots and equipment are sent to another planet to mine minerals. Monsters that inhabit the galaxy are also captured by humans to separate raw minerals into gems. …

BECO holders, let’s welcome Kripto Galaxy Battle — the first Play-to-earn Tactical NFT game on BecoSwap! The web version of this game will be available in Q4 2021, players will be able to experience and freely trade ingame items on BecoSwap NFT marketplace.

Roadmap of Kripto Galaxy Battle game

Cyforce is a Vietnamese game studio, they focus on creating and releasing video games on various platforms. With their in-depth experience in traditional gaming industry, they’re heading to a series of blockchain games, starting with Kripto Galaxy Battle on BecoSwap, under the helpful and conscientious technical advice from KardiaChain.

BECO believers, we are excited to give you an overall recap of the recent Kephi Gallery Token Sale IFO (Initial Farm Offering) hosted on the BecoSwap IFO platform.

Kephi Gallery is a marketplace where artists of all fields may gather to contribute (and monetize) their work. Sharing the same roof, artists are urged to mint their exclusive NFTs and start trading their digital works of art like music, video clips, theatre, …

Known as the champion of KardiaChain Pioneer Program, Kephi Gallery inherited easy accessibility, innovative cross-chain connectivity, and low transaction fee of the first-ever fully non-invasive, interoperable blockchain.


BecoSwap is the runner-up of KardiaChain Pioneer Program. The DeFi protocol helps users earn and win tokens with Launchpad, Game, Yield Farm, Lottery, NFTs

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