BecoSwap is hosting Kripto Galaxy Battle’s In-game Presale Genesis NFTs

When joining in the journey to the galaxy, it’s critical that you own all the assets as well as powerful tools to get the best achievements. With the Robots — the primary NFT assets in the KABA universe — you will own the ticket to be the first one crafting the powerful tools for minting gems in the game and conquer the cosmos in the Play-to-earn feature which will be released soon in Q4 2021.

KABA Genesis NFTs

With that being said, let us get into the details of exactly what will be offered within the KABA NFT Sale Event, which will soon begin at 7 PM September 18th (GMT+7), and how you can get your hand on these special rewards.

How to participate in the Kripto Galaxy Battle NFT-Presale

  • Make sure you have $KABA in your KardiaChain Wallet, purchasable via KAIDEX.
  • Visit (to release soon)
  • Stake at least 50 KABA to get 1 NFT, each NFT costs 5 KABA to claim, the rest tokens will be refunded.
  • The amount of staking tokens should be a multiplier of 50. For example, those who stake 100 KABA will receive 2 NFTs and 90 KABA in return; 150 KABA grants 3 NFTs and 135 KABA in return.
  • Limit: Maximum 500 KABA per participant.
  • Staking time: 1 hour (7–8 PM September 18 GMT+7)
  • NFTs will be unlocked almost immediately after a 1-hour timeframe to fuel up your trading on BecoSwap NFT marketplace using $BECO token.

Since the project is at beta stage, Kripto Galaxy Battle team sets its goal to reach the highest number of NFT holders and to onboard as many game enthusiasts as possible. The fairlaunch is applied among the presale for all users, with the aim to bring out the fair mechanism while avoiding bots and fail-transactions at the same time.

⚠️ Note that only 14% of genesis genes is revealed for this limited event, Starlords will have to use $KABA to assemble and explore the other 86% hidden genes.

More information about Assembly feature is as follow:

The goal of this feature is to advance in the game and complete missions, getting better rewards each time. So, the assembling system is key to produce new and better Robots or Monsters that can be used in battle or exchanged in the marketplace as NFT Characters (starting from characters with Rare rarity and higher)

In Kripto Galaxy Battle, players can assemble two Robots or Monsters to create a new one.

Time and Fee for each Assemble Count:

(*) Why cooldown index time increases at level 6?

This is the deflation milestone to decrease the assembling process counts for the very first generations.

Cooldown Index of assembled robots/monsters can be calculated by the following method:
cooldownIndex = (higher_generation + 1) / 2

For example:
Example 1: Robot A is Matron, generation 2; robot B is Siring, generation 10; the assembled Robot C will be generation 11, cooldown index is (10+ 1) / 2 = 5. So the first assemble fee of Robot C will cost 5.5 $KABA and take about 2.5 days.
Example 2: Robot A is Matron, generation 11; robot B is Siring, generation 4; the assembled Robot C will be generation 12, cooldown index is (11 + 1) / 2 = 6. So the first assemble fee of Robot C will cost 7 $KABA and take about 2 hours.

Details on Cooldown index and Generation of a Robot can be easily found under “Progress Section” of a Robot’s details on Becoswap NFT.

What is Kripto Galaxy Battle?

Kripto Galaxy Battle is a Play-to-earn project combining NFT technology and gaming experience. Not only are digital collectibles created using KardiaChain technology, but all NFT can also be integrated into gameplay later, which will help them increase the value. NFT is the heart of this project. Each character and item of Kripto Galaxy Battle is a unique, genuine asset. Players can assemble two robots or monsters to create a new one or craft their assets with incredible weapons or helpful tools to engage them in various purposes. It’s an exciting game with a universe of hidden values awaiting the users to discover.

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