The Alpha Guide— A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Kripto Galaxy Battle

8 min readOct 6, 2021

Welcome to the sci-fi game — Kripto Galaxy Battle, where you will get paid for each minute spent playing!

In KRIPTO GALAXY BATTLE, you enter the production line as a strategist with the aim to build a strong economy of your own before the uncompromising war in the KABA Galaxy. You will need to collect and upgrade your army from NFTs, mining GEMs and fighting in moral battles.

This guide will help you to have a better understanding towards gameplay and earning through NFTs and mining features!

Getting started

To get started, you need Kardia Wallet. If you have already had Kardia Wallet, please scroll down to the introduction of our game assets.

1.1 What is Kardia Wallet ?

Kaidex is a decentralized exchange on the KardiaChain network (KRC).


Kardia Wallet is application of KardiaChain to manage KRC assets.


  • Kardia Wallet App for Android/iOS
  • Kardia Wallet Extension on browsers
  • Wallet function on Click here

1.2. Install Kardia Wallet

— Install Kardia Wallet Application

— Install Kardia Wallet Extension

Using Wallet on

1.3. Setup Kardia Wallet

Setup Kardia Wallet Extension. After install, a welcome screen will show as below.

Press [ Accept ] to go next step.

If you don’t have KardiaChain Wallet, you have to create new one. Import password for Kardia Extension then press [ Create ].

Save the seedphrase on next step.

Note: Password of Kardia Wallet Extension to access the extension.

Seedphrase is used to recovery your wallet.

If you have KardiaChain Wallet, click green text [Import Existing DEN] on above step.

Import your seedphrase and password for Kardia Wallet Extension. Then click OK.

How to buy KABA with KAI ?

2.1 Pair KABA/KAI on Kaidex

Open url Pair KABA-KAI |

Pair KABA/KAI on Kaidex

2.2. Requirements

Kardia Wallet Extension is connected. KAI balance in wallet.

2.3. Operations

BUY procedure

  • Check as if Buy is selected. Green Button Buy.
  • Import KAI amount you want to use to buy KABA. Or import KABA amount you want to buy.
  • First time buying KABA, you have to Approve token KABA.
  • After Approve, you can continue to buy.

SELL procedure

  • Reverse the above procedure.

2.4. Result

  • After completing the transaction, open Kardia Wallet to check the assets.
  • On iOS/Android app, need to enable KABA token display, then KABA token balance will be displayed.
  • On the Kardia Wallet Extension, it is necessary to perform the [Add Token] operation of the KABA KRC asset to display. To get [Contract Address] of KABA, access this link.
  • After that please log in on our BecoSwap Site. Create your Profile on BecoSwap and let’s start!

Start the game:

Take a first look at the assets in Kripto Galaxy Battle

The Assets in the game are all NFTs represented in the form of Cards.

The number of Gen0 characters is limited. Players only own Gen0 characters through the Presale event. After that, players who want to own gen0 characters will have to buy them on the Becoswap marketplace.

Only Gen0 characters have rarity. Rarity increases from: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, mythical and immortal. Characters with high rarity will have a great advantage in the game so don’t miss it!

1. 🤖 Robot:

Robot is an NFT asset and also the main character in-game. They are used to mine raw minerals and participate in the battle.

Each Robot has 4 stats: Strength Energy Speed (and Level, we will discuss later).

The total stats of your KChar will be calculated by the following formula:

Strength = Strength (Card) + Strength (Head) + Strength (Left Arm) + Strength (Right Arm)

Energy = Energy (Card) + Energy (Anten) + Energy (Left Shoulder) + Energy (Right Shoulder)

Speed = Speed (Card) + Speed (Eye)

Need guideline? Join our community:

2. 👹 Monster:

Monster is the character that turns raw minerals into gems at the mining plant and fights in battles.

Each Monster has its own unique attributes from abilities and behaviors that express Kripto Galaxy Battle. Legendary, Mythical and Immortal monsters have a special skill. For example: burn enemies, heal allies…

Each monster has 3 slots to equip items. The item can be a tool for work or a weapon for combat.

3. Planet

This is a land that contains a lot of GEM and jewels.

Robots and Monsters will work on the planet to mine GEM.

The higher rarity of the planet, the faster mining speed. However, the way you select the Robots and Monsters also affects the mining speed per planet.

ASSEMBLE? Step into the mutation and create more valuable characters!

Occasionally when breeding, a newborn KChar will possess a trait not seen in either of its parents. When this happens, it’s known as a MUTATION.

Each trait (or gene) in KGB pairs up with a partner gene. If a mutation happens, they will generate a new gene.

What is the principle of mutation?

Robots & Monsters have four genes for each Attribute.

  • A single primary gene is shown in the Robot’s appearance.
  • Three hidden genes that do not have any impact.

1.Purebred robots/monsters: Have the same genes in four slots of that Attribute: 25% chance to get Mutation.

2. Desired traits are in the Primary slots: 14% chance to get Mutation.

3. The desired trait is not in the Primary slot: 0.3% chance to get Mutation.

Read more:

Tips for getting the Mutation

  • Identifying KChar with high mutation potential.
  • Breeding purebred KChar only.

Cooldown index (Can be understanded as the Assemble Count).

Cooldown Index = (higher_generation + 1) / 2

  • The more you assemble, the more time you have to wait for a new offspring (and higher fee).
  • The cooldown index time increases at level 6 as a deflation milestone to decrease the assembling process counts.
  • Only Robot or Monster with a cooldown index higher than 6 is also marked as “General” (or evolved) which can participate in PvP/PvE.

Tips for Assembling

  • Characters can’t be assembled with their F1 generation, but with F2 they can. Their F1s are also non-assembled.
  • Find the cooldown index of a robot or monster under “Progress Section” of a Robot’s details on Becoswap NFT
  • Finding the chart of mutation: HERE

Gem Mining Features

Step to start mining:

  • When enter the game, click on the Planet on Planet Manager
  • On the Planet board, select the Planet you want to be mined.
  • Click on the Unit on the right side of the screen to choose the Robots.
  • After choosing the Robots, click on the left side of the screen to go to Factory.
  • Click on the Unit on the right side of the screen to choose the Monsters.
  • After choosing the Monsters, back to the mining screen. Click on the Mining button on left side of the screen. When the transaction appears, please approve the transaction and you done stacking the NFTs!

You will need at minimum 2 Robots, 1 Monster and 1 Planet to start Mining. But if you want to earn more $GEM and $KABA, let’s look at the information below

  1. PLANET:
  • Planets with high rarity have more KABA, GEM and rewards.
  • Population = the number of mining characters on the planet at the same time.
  • The more the number of mining characters, the more mining power increases.
  • Planets will not always be mined. It will be out of resources when time’s out, or you can say “fully mined”. After that, you will need to regenerate it. The regeneration process will take both time and an amount of token to do. The larger the size, the longer the regeneration time.

(*) Minimum 1 monster and 2 robots for mining.

(*) The number of robots is 2 times the number of monsters.

2. CHARACTER (Robots and Monsters)

Selecting the Robots and Monsters also affects the Mining power. Here are some tips:

  • Mining power is an index calculated based on 3 basic stats of the character: strength, speed, energy.
  • If the Character’s card color is the same as the planet’s card color, the mining power will be increased 20%.
  • Gen0 characters increase mining power.
  • Higher rarity — greater mining power.
  • Body part containing Mutant gene increases mining power. Characters with many mutated genes will have increased power stacks. The higher the mutant gene, the greater the amount of power increase. Up to max 560% (80% * 7part in M5).

3. Total Mining Power:

Total Mining Power is calculated as the sum of the Mining Powers of all participating KChars on the planet. The greater Total Mining Power, the faster the mining time.

Read more about GEM Mining:

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If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. We will address as many as we can!




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