How to create your NFT artwork on BecoSwap NFT Marketplace

  • Artists for new promising Artists.
  • Meme Contests for cobranded activities with partners, or directly NFT issued by them.

Personal NFT profile

BecoSwap supports personalized profiles for users. These profiles allow you to choose your own name, profile picture, banner and additional personal information.

Creating NFTs on Beco marketplace

After creating a profile, users can upload NFT for bidding and selling. They can manage their created and collected NFTs as well as their transaction history.


You will be able to vote for your favorite artworks and push them on top of the homepage. The more votes an artwork has, the higher it ranks. We can see that there is a “Like” button in the bottom right corner of each NFT. When you click the “Like” button, a popup for voting will appear for you to approve and vote. Then input the amount of BECO you want to vote in. 1 vote needs 1 BECO. You can put in more BECO if you’d like to give more votes! Then click the “Vote Now” button in the pop-up to complete the vote.

Buying and Bidding

After a NFT is listed on BecoSwap NFT marketplace, it can be available for other users to buy or bid. There are 2 status of a NFT: On Sale and On Auction. The “On Auction” NFT can only be bid the price, while the “On Sale” NFT is available for everyone to bid and buy.



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BecoSwap is the runner-up of KardiaChain Pioneer Program. The DeFi protocol helps users earn and win tokens with Launchpad, Game, Yield Farm, Lottery, NFTs