Initial Farm Offering (IFO) on BecoSwap

What’s new?

1. You’ll need a KardiaChain wallet, with BECO-KAI LP token, in order to participate the sale.

Basic Sale

Want to participate in the IFO and get the most bang for your buck? This is for you.

Unlimited Sale

As the name suggests, the “Unlimited” session has no limits on the amount each person can contribute. However, this comes at the cost of a participation fee.

Unlimited sale fee (for example)

How much is the participation fee?

The participation fee will start at 1%, which is only applied to your contribution to the “Unlimited” session.

Will the participation process still be the same?

Yes, the only real difference is that there are now two ways you can participate, instead of one.

Can I participate in both sessions of the sale?

Yes, you can do both, one or neither, but only if you have KardiaChain wallets already created with BECO-KAI LP tokens.

Why did we opt for this method?

While we can’t please everyone, we heard the feedback from the community loud and clear. So we opted to go for a bit of both, with the added objective of burning more BECO than ever before.



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BecoSwap is the runner-up of KardiaChain Pioneer Program. The DeFi protocol helps users earn and win tokens with Launchpad, Game, Yield Farm, Lottery, NFTs