KABA’s Update — Successful gameplay launching and non-stop development

3 min readDec 26, 2021


Update about Kripto Galaxy Battle progress and what you can expect in the fourth quarter.

On 18th December 2021, Kripto Galaxy Battle has officially launched the game with the Play-to-earn feature — Gem Mining. You can start using Robots and Monsters on the planet to mine stones to earn $GEM, $KABA token.


Players can use $GEM to:

- Upgrade Robot, Monster for faster mining speed and stronger power in battle.

- Buy tickets to join PvP/PvE battle, quest, event.

- Redeem rewards.

- Trade on the marketplace.

Update after game launching (18/12–25/12)

Within one week after game launching, to bring the best in-game experience for players, we have upgraded the game visual as well as fixed some stats as below

  1. Optimized NFT filter by power and color

The tool automatically calculates NFT’s power based on its stats, level, color, etc. You can easily filter and choose robot/monster to maximize the mining speed.

2. Improve game loading speed

3. Change loading screen for home-page

4. Add Christmas theme with new visual and music

5. Fixed mining errors: cannot renew planet/ cannot mine five planets simultaneously.

6. Fixed in-game display errors about the character list.

7. Marketplace: fixed display error when Robot/monster is assembling; cannot transfer NFT within wallets.

What are we working on?

  1. Developing “Space Engine” feature
  2. Developing “Daily quest” feature
  3. Adding background graphics for the planet in Gem Mining
  4. Optimizing “Auto-assign” function in Gem Mining
  5. Developing 3D platform
  6. Fixing specific errors for some players

A quick look at Marketplace

NFT Robot is still the Market’s king with the highest price — 3,333,333 KAI and 6,549 trades.

NFT Robots on-sale in the Marketplace

Total volume: ~2,300,000 KAI

Total trades: 6,549

Total on-sale: 959

Price range: 16 KAI — 3,333,333 KAI

NFT Monsters on-sale in the Marketplace

NFT Monster

Total volume: ~1,900,000 KAI
Total trades: 4,150
Total on-sale: 1,474
Price range: 35 KAI — 80,000 KAI

NFT Planets on-sale in the Marketplace

NFT Planet

Total volume: ~1,400,000 KAI
Total trades: 1,854
Total on-sale: 158
Price range: 690 KAI — 150,000 KAI




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