Kripto Galaxy Battle’s NFT Planet Pre-sale is finally here!

How to participate in the Kripto Galaxy Battle Planet — Presale

  • Make sure you have $KABA in your KardiaChain Wallet, purchasable via KAIDEX.
  • Visit
  • Stake at least 100 KABA to get: 1 Planet (10 KABA) & 1 Robot or Monster with GEN31 (10 KABA).
  • Each wallet can stake at the max 500 KABA to claim 5 planets and 1 monster/robot. 440 KABA will be refunded.
  • Staking time: 1 hour ( 8–9 PM October 30th GMT+7) (13:00–14:00 UTC)
  • NFTs will be unlocked almost immediately after a 1-hour timeframe to fuel up your trading on BecoSwap NFT marketplace using $KAI token.

What is Kripto Galaxy Battle?



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