VNDC Ventures Invests in Kripto Galaxy Battle

We are thrilled to announce that VNDC Ventures is adding Kripto Galaxy Battle — a promisingly KardiaChain-powered gamefi project into its investment portfolio.

Throughout the year 2021, Play-to-Earn model has been a viral discussing topic all over crypto forums and fan pages and became an essential element in contributing to the recent bull run. Having said that, gamefi projects highlighting play-to-earn are within sight of many financial institutions. Diversification and Elevation are two key criterias in selecting potential partners. VNDC Ventures considers Kripto Galaxy Battle as one of the few names to collaborate with for their high-level expertise from Cyforce — a game studio that succeeded in developing mobile games with 100 million installs on Google Play and App Store. Moreover, Cyforce also has developed exclusive Stickman games for OneSoft Global — the international-scale game publisher behind Falcon Squad, 1945 Air Force, Emoji Block Puzzle with a whooping 50+ debuts, 300 million installs and 5 million daily active users.

Now comes the collaboration with the incubator BecoSwap, and ultimately, the strategic game economy that emerges from the Play-to-Earn model. Unlike other games in the industry, the game joins forces with BecoSwap for the solid infrastructure and community support, allowing for further growth in DeFi such as farming, staking features, and even the NFTs merchandising. Kripto Galaxy Battle recently announced a successful IFO on BecoSwap with a considerably high oversubscribe of 1200% and 4 million committed USD. Soon the game can be accessed via BecoSwap’ game tab. Furthermore, the presale of in-game genesis NFTs offering $KABA holders a fair chance to win exclusive rewards will be launched on September 17th, 2021. These pre-minted NFTs that keep game enthusiasts ahead of competition can be merchandised on BecoSwap NFT marketplace.

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Known as the Runner-up in the first KardiaChain Hackathon “Pioneering Program”, BecoSwap is a mixed DeFi protocol allowing users to earn profits with innovative features such as yield farming, staking, lottery, game, NFT marketplace. The collaboration between BecoSwap and Cyforce game studio to create the first NFT idle game on the KardiaChain network has attracted attention from Kardia Ventures.

VNDC launched VNDC Ventures with the aim to invest in state-of-the-art blockchain projects that open new horizons of crypto space. And alongside that, VNDC Ventures also wants to invest in innovative teams that make the concept of decentralized finance easier for the masses.

Seeing the potential of the project, its association with the KardiaChain ecosystem, and its vision to further push DeFi adoption to the mainstream community, VNDC Ventures considers Kripto Galaxy Battle to be the absolute fit for investment. VNDC Ventures will work closely with the project in promoting and marketing to maximize its exposure on social media channels. VNDC Wallet — a digital wallet within VNDC system has already listed $KABA token, allowing traders to merchandise this in-game cryptocurrency more easily.

About VNDC Ventures

VNDC Ventures sets its goal to become an open-finance system for DeFi users all over the world. This young ventures invests and uses a specially formulated process that supported early-stage companies complete their funding. VNDC Ventures is an essential part within VNDC ecosystem, a new name among blockchain startups in Vietnam. Nevertheless, VNDC has received immense support coming from big local enterprises and the government. Thanks to an active developing team, VNDC has achieved some remarkable results: over 1 million succeeded transactions, more than 800.000 users, 500+ partners all over the world.

VNDC is a prominent blockchain-based stablecoin and cryptocurrency exchange backed by the Vietnam Dong (VND), the country’s legal currency. VNDC is a good strategic partner for KardiaChain, with nearly 1 million users, making it Vietnam’s largest crypto group. Established in 2019, VNDC is Vietnam’s pioneer fiat to crypto portal, offering direct money transfers with the most prolific banks in Vietnam.


About Kripto Galaxy Battle

Kripto Galaxy Battle is a Play-to-Earn project facilitated on the blockchain network. The mechanics of this idle game design ideal mobile sessions and drive strong long term retention. PvP and PvE fighting elements, as well as events, will be introduced as the game advances. In the role of a strategist, users enter the manufacturing line to constitute a powerful economy of their own before the uncompromising war while exploring the universe. It’s an exciting game that holds different hidden values awaiting the users to discover.

The NFTs are the heart of the game. Not only are digital collectibles created using blockchain technology, but all components can also be integrated into the form of NFT cards, which will help them increase the value. Each NFT of Kripto Galaxy Battle is a unique, genuine asset. Players can craft their assets with incredible weapons or helpful tools to engage them in various thrilling battles. To purchase these units, players can directly visit the BecoSwap NFT marketplace.








BecoSwap is the runner-up of KardiaChain Pioneer Program. The DeFi protocol helps users earn and win tokens with Launchpad, Game, Yield Farm, Lottery, NFTs

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BecoSwap is the runner-up of KardiaChain Pioneer Program. The DeFi protocol helps users earn and win tokens with Launchpad, Game, Yield Farm, Lottery, NFTs

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